What is homebrewing ?

Although homebrewing came to Slovakia only in recent years, many people around the world have already been brewing their own beer for a long time. The basic characteristic of homebrewing is the brewing (production) of beer at home in small amounts for personal consumption without further distribution for commercial purposes. Around the world, homebrewing is called "the Hobby of the 21st century" and people are gradually exploring its undeniable benefits. The most attractive thing about homebrewing is that you can produce your own beer brand according to your own recipe. You can give your beer various names without trademarks, which will remind you even more that this is Your beer. You can even make and print out your own labels, stick them on the bottles and drink the beer with your friends to show them that you are the proud owner of a home brewery. A major benefit of homebrewing is also the fact that the costs for home-brewed beer production are lower than the cost of beer in the supermarket. Another advantage is the large diversity of beers, since at home you can brew many kinds of interesting beers from various concentrates or according to various recipes from the basic ingredients. It also depends on the creative thinking of every homebrewer, if they choose to follow the general instructions or experiment a bit and gradually develop they own recipe. Of course, for all this you will need some simple brewing technology. At present this is commercially available even in Slovakia, and some homebrewers even work to develop their own technology. On top of all this, it is necessary for these homebrewers to meet, share their experience, compete in various tasting competitions and taste one another's beers. For this reason the Homebrewing division of the Association of Small Independent Breweries in Slovakia was established and its main objective is providing professional and methodological assistance to potential homebrewers, coordinating and organizing homebrewing events and the promotion of homebrewing in Slovakia.

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