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Holíč, since 2014

In summer 2014 a new brewery was opened in the border town Holíč and it became part of the new wave of microbreweries in Slovakia. Its name, Wywar, represents the historical reference of the town of Holíč. Alongside its wine tradition, it provides a chance for the less developed, however, very popular sector to flourish, as shown by the very first brewed batch. Beers and various beer specialties can be tasted in the cellar of the Kadlec family, which is separated from the brewery simply by a glass pane so that guests can observe the places where the beer is brewed, matures and is finally poured into their glasses. The restaurant Jozef II., located only few metres from the brewery, also offers this beer. In addition to the beerhouse and restaurant supplies, the owners are able to supply beer to pubs, for events or directly to your home.

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