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Banská Bystrica, since 1971

Beer has been brewed in Banská Bystrica for more than five hundred years. The beer Urpiner is characterised by its original taste, brewed using traditional recipes. The production of beer is done with the use of traditional technology in which the beer matures naturally for the period of 50 days. The ingredients are of the highest quality, carefully chosen by the brewmasters. Urpiner uses spring water from the surrounding hills, malt growing on the fertile southern Slovakian fields and the best hops. The focus of Banskobystrický pivovar and its brand Urpiner is on high quality, originality and a unique taste. It is the last big Slovak brewery which resisted the huge economic pressure from foreign beer giants and remained solely in Slovak ownership. Urpiner brand beers belong among the most-awarded Slovak beers in the international competitions.

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