Richtár Jakub

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Richtár Jakub

Bratislava, since 2009

The microbrewery Richtár Jakub got its name after the prominent family of Bratislava's mayors. The beer is routed to the bar directly from the bright beer tanks. This prevents any transport and thermal "shocks" which can lower the quality of the beer. The first contact of the beer with the air is in the bar when it is tapped into glasses. Even this is minimised by the creation of a rich foam which protects the beer from oxidation. The Jakub brand beer is brewed from water and malt using the single infusion mash method. During mashing, important substances affecting the quality of the beer are released from the malt. Hops are added in three batches. And the beer is left to mature for 21 days. The Jakub brand beer is unpasteurised and unfiltered, therefore slightly turbid.

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