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Košice, since 1542

One of the motivations to build the Brewery Hostinec was the fact that the oldest referenced brewery in Košice was in the building Levočský dom where the brewery is located. This house is the oldest secular building in the town and the restaurant has been in continuous operation since 1542, which makes it the oldest restaurant in Slovakia.

The brewing tradition in this house was revived in 2015 by the installation of a modern three-vessel Czech type brewery, which brews mainly with the use of the infusion method. The volume of single batch is 5 hl. 12 CK tanks, each with the volume of 10 hl, are located in the medieval cellar under the Gothic halls. In these tanks the beer undergoes fermentation, usually top fermentation, and subsequently is let to mature.

The standing offer of the brewery includes the beer Hostinská 12° brewed from Pilsner and Bavarian malt. It is brewed solely with Žatecký poloranný červenák hops. Even though the final product and the composition of ingredients strongly resemble the lager type beer, it is a top fermented beer. Another typical beer from the brewery is the BB LOVE 1626 with a nice story behind it: "In 1626 the house Levočský dom hosted maybe the biggest Slovak wedding, and thanks to the many rulers invited from all of Europe, the city of Košice became, for a short time, its capital. The reception lasted for a week as Gabor Bethlén married Katharina von Brandenburg. The name of this beer was created in honour of this event and their love". Besides other ingredients, it is brewed from wheat and wheat malt which, in those times, was the most widely-used brewing ingredient. In 2016 the beer was awarded a Silver beer crown.

Apart from these two basic beers, each day the brewery offers 3 other types of beer which constantly change. Per year this consists of approximately 40 types of various styles of beer from around the world and many experiments. The most famous and most appreciated beers from the brewery are fruit beers, the production of which, in case of most other beers, places a large emphasis on the quality of the used ingredients. All the produced beers are unpasteurised and unfiltered and brewed without any acceleration, concentrates, colouring matters and preservatives.

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